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adult survivors of childhood cancer
We are a registered Canadian charity that offers support and social opportunities to adults who are living with the
long term effects of childhood cancer
Many of our members are living with side effects of their treatment that have resulted in some physical impairment and reduced employment
possibilities. By bringing survivors together through regular social gatherings, our members are connecting with one another and finding
encouragement and friendships not found elsewhere.
We welcome new members and chapters and strive to create more opportunities for member interaction, personal growth and happiness.
If you would like to join Rebounders or would like to know about our programs, please contact: Jill Sprawson at (905) 338-1530.
Upcoming Events
at the St. Andrew's Club


  Saturday, January 14, 2017    
  Arrive 3:30 - 4:00 p.m    
  Where: St. Andrew's Club & Conference Centre    
  150 King St. West, Toronto, ON    
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Sharing memories of 2016 with good friends and family...

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  Please contact:          
    Contact information:        
  Jill Sprawson (905) 338-1530 Jill Sprawson (905) 338-1530        
  rebounderscanada@cogeco.ca asprawson@cogeco.ca        
  Monika Roess (905) 842-3988   Monika Roess (905) 842-3988        
  proess@sympatico.ca   proess@sympatico.ca        
  For Ottawa events please contact Louise            
  Louise (613) 316-8792            
  more details of event more details of event   more details of event more details of event          
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Charity/BN Registration #: 86364 3888 RR0001

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